No marketer deserves to create their marketing links using cryptic or fragile formulas. That’s why I created, a WordPress plugin that provides a better way to create and manage campaign links.

By leveraging popular tools for ci/cd, code coverage, coding standards compliance, and code sharing, strives to be equally friendly for marketers and developers.

Visit to learn more. - A better way to create and manage your campaign marketing links with WordPress
fail2slack - Easily keep tabs on your fail2ban jail statuses with slack

I love fail2ban. I use it on a number of servers and wanted to keep tabs on aggregate activity without getting notifications each time a ban takes place.

fail2slack provides an easy way to receive regular updates with current and aggregate fails/bans for all your fail2ban jails via slack.

Get it from the Python Package Index.

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  • this very website
  • session easier session handling
  • How to Hard Refresh a friendly reminder
  • cl_database structured data access
  • Webpack Primer an approachable sampler
  • dots consistency is happiness
  • Helios Calendar nostalgia in calendar form
  • ChristopherL a (former) personal website
  • ...and More Available at GitHub.

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